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FranklinCovey is a global company specializing in performance improvement. Our mission is to Enable Greatness in People and Organizations everywhere. We believe that every individual, team and organization has the potential for greatness, and that greatness can be unleashed through the right paradigms, tools, practices, and people to partner with for development.

The most successful organizations all over the world focus on three areas; Individual Contribution, Leadership, and Strategic Outcomes. We choose to help our clients achieve excellence in these must win areas, where simple knowledge transfer is insufficient. When the goals that you need to achieve require a large-scale change in human behavior, FranklinCovey is your partner of choice.

Success for our clients requires that we have best-in-class content and solutions, the most flexible learning modalities, and a global reach that exceeds anyone in the industry. We do this while providing forward thinking, constantly refreshed, and extensive thought leadership. When you work with FranklinCovey, you don’t just get great content and results, you also get a partner committed to staying ahead of your needs.

Our expertise is in six areas:

  1. 01

    Exceptional Leadership at Every Level

  2. 02

    Executing Strategies in The Midst Of Daily Urgencies

  3. 03

    The Skills of Decision, Attention, and Energy Management

  4. 04

    Using Trust to Decrease Costs and Accelerate Results

  5. 05
    Sales Performance

    Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship

  6. 06
    Customer Loyalty

    Each Moment Counts when Obtaining a Loyal Customer

FranklinCovey Benelux hoofdkantoor in Amersfoort


FranklinCovey Benelux is located in Amersfoort, Mechelen and Luxembourg. Our team works with many different clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg: large and small, public and private, international and local, to enable them to achieve results that require a change in human behavior. Would you like to partner with FranklinCovey as well?

Our Values

We believe culture is your ultimate competitive advantage. It is also our ultimate competitive advantage. It is often the reason why people choose to stay and work at FranklinCovey Benelux and why our clients work with us in long-term partnerships. Our culture is based on three core values: trust, meaning, and growth.

  1. 01

    Trust impacts every interaction internally and externally and impacts results. We create a high-trust culture from the inside-out. It means we keep building our credibility every day, based on both character and competence. And it means we extend trust to our colleagues, suppliers and clients.

  2. 02

    We are a purpose driven business. Our focus is to make a positive impact on people and organizations. Every single team member contributes to this higher purpose by being dedicated to create value that matters.

  3. 03

    In order to support others in their development, we want to grow every day. We learn from experiences and from each other, based on formal and informal learning. We live and breathe our content.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For us to accomplish our mission, to enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere, we are committed to increasing diversity across all dimensions in our staff and partners. We want to ensure an inclusive culture and invest in equality across our organization. With over 2,000 associates globally and with content delivered in more than 150 countries, it is critical that FranklinCovey reflects the population we serve in order to best connect to their needs.

We actively seek a wide range of people to join FranklinCovey because we know that diverse perspectives lead to stronger teams, stronger culture, and stronger performance. The diversity we seek includes gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, and socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, as well as diverse experiences and interests.

We believe that people are inherently capable and aspire to greatness. We foster a culture of transparency in which our associates can thrive and have opportunities to develop and advance their careers. We look for ways to actively eliminate barriers that prevent them from achieving greatness.

We are committed to making every FranklinCovey associate feel respected, included, and valued. We treat each person we work with as a true partner and seek to understand their unique individual thoughts and needs.

FranklinCovey works with clients every day to steward diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives bolstered by our learning programs. And we know that creating a diverse workforce and championing diversity within our own organization is crucial to our success.

Why Partner With FranklinCovey?

Why do our clients work with us? There are many different reasons, the most common ones being:

  1. 01

    FranklinCovey enables clients to achieve results that require a change in human behavior. Our solutions impact specific KPIs, like sales performance, cost-saving, employee engagement, turnover and customer loyalty.

  2. 02
    World-class content

    FranklinCovey provides the best content for the most important behavioral challenges organizations face. Our principle-based content is tested globally and based on research partnerships with universities and research institutes globally.

  3. 03

    FranklinCovey content can be delivered in three modalities: live online, live classroom, and online on demand.

  4. 04

    FranklinCovey serves clients in more than 150 countries with solutions translated and localized into more than 30 languages.

  5. 05
    All Access Pass

    The FranklinCovey All Access Pass provides clients access to all FranklinCovey content. It offers the best value for money, high flexibility and impact on business outcomes.

FranklinCovey | Leader in Me

FranklinCovey Education: Leader in Me

With the Leader in Me program, FranklinCovey Education – a division of Franklin-Covey – has been one of the world’s most prominent and trusted providers of educational leadership programs and transformational processes. FranklinCovey’s programs, books, and content have been utilized by thousands of public and private primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools and institutions, including educational service centers and vocational schools in over 50 countries. For more information on FranklinCovey Education and the Leader in Me program, please contact CPS.

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