What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

FranklinCovey Benelux Customer Overview
Client Testimonials

Lian Hommes, Business Partner People & Organization Development at Rituals
Jitske Zengerink, Head of People & Organization Development at Rituals
We truly are ambassadors for FranklinCovey. The models and tools used in the trainings are easy to bring into practice. They have skilled and business-savvy trainers that fit our company and culture. Last but not least; during these hectic and unpredictable times, FranklinCovey showed an enormous amount of flexibility in supporting us in the transition to remote working.

Ramon van Knippenberg, Head of Group Atos Talent Academy
Our Atos Talent Academy for emerging talents offers an impactful development experience for our talents in every stage of their career. Our high-quality program, successfully developed and provided in cooperation with FranklinCovey, offers our talents a platform to enhance their careers within our company. The energetic and enthusiastic delivery of the FranklinCovey trainers contributes significantly to the high levels of appreciation and engagement that the programs receive from all participants.

Leontine Westerbroek, HR Director Benelux at Mediq
Thanks to a number of FranklinCovey sessions with the HR team, we – as One Winning HR Team – have gained great achievements, focus, and value by creating trust through giving and receiving feedback, by using the qualities of each individual, and by making use of the quadrant model.

Davy van Iersel, Vice President / Head of Sales at Capgemini
Sales is not rocket science, as proven by FranklinCovey. If you can put yourself in the position of the customer and what you have to offer as an organization with the right intention, FranklinCovey offers a stepped approach for your sales organization. Because of the effective coaching that is offered, you will see that the training really comes to life and that you will create your own sales jargon.

Siad Awwad, Managing Director at
We are very pleased with FranklinCovey's excellent guidance regarding the leadership development of the company's top 20 employees. After determining a long-term goal with respect to leadership development, we have worked out a step-by-step plan. We are now executing this roadmap together. We are seeing great results and the formation of a supported culture. Fantastic!
Ronald Houtveen, Member of the Board at Baker Tilly
FranklinCovey's input into our culture and behavior program boosted our improvement program and contributed significantly to our results. They were able to effectively translate their insights into our organization's own characteristics, which made FranklinCovey's program feel like it was customized, developed specifically for us.

Johan de Rooij, CEO at The Cargo Control Company
When you engage in an active dialogue with Jan Kuipers of Franklin Covey, it becomes instantly clear that building great teams becomes a lot easier when guided by a true professional!

Annemarie Schattenberg, HR Learning & Development at Enza Zaden
The 7 Habits training gives our young managers clear tools to learn how to determine priorities and to act accordingly. What do I deal with on a daily basis, and what is really important? Why do I work here, and how can I make the best use of my time to achieve important goals? FranklinCovey's trainer helps the group to increase their effectiveness in a fun and professional manner.

Diana Bogaarts, HR Business Partner at Holmatro Netherlands
In 2019, Holmatro, in collaboration with FranklinCovey, successfully launched a leadership program for our managers and team leads with the goal of establishing the Holmatro behavioral characteristics more firmly in the organization. Despite the covid-19 crisis, we were able to further implement this program by developing a wonderful online Holmatro Leadership Journey together with FranklinCovey. Always thinking along with us, also through these special times, makes FranklinCovey a very valuable training partner for us.

Ludo Treffers, Head of Learning & Development at Vibe Group
The strategic collaboration with our learning partner FranklinCovey has ensured that our leaders are making an impact in their teams by creating a clear vision, strategy, and feedback culture from trust.

Jan Vriens, Senior Consultant Learning & Development at Athora Netherlands
I work with FranklinCovey in coaching senior management and in providing workshops. FranklinCovey continues to make an impact at every occasion with truly professional and personal guidance and engaging tools. Whether it's an offsite for the board, a '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' workshop, or guiding Leadership Dialogues, I experience FranklinCovey as an excellent and honest partner that lives up to high expectations.

Isabelle Dantoing, Learning Experience Lead at UCB BioPharma SPRL

FranklinCovey is a partner of choice for many years. It’s due to their smart and wise business strategy evolution leading to forefront products and services on leadership. You get out of it inspiration, pragmatical methodology, and tools for sustainable change. Furthermore, FranklinCovey selects talented people to build a strong partnership with their clients. I feel personally grateful to collaborate with Erik Roger for many years. Erik is a smart guy providing wise advice leading to qualitative conversations about UCB and our challenges. He always demonstrates interest and care for what we do and what we need in terms of leadership development, and very open to co-create the best learning solutions. I definitively recommend FranklinCovey as a key partner on leadership matters!

Koen Van den Breen, Head of Learning, Development & Recruitment at Umicore
The FranklinCovey programs consistently create value for our participating managers and as such for Umicore. It is however their drive to understand our development challenges and co-create learning solutions with a high impact, that sets FranklinCovey apart.

Sara Panza, General Manager at Grom - ‘Il gelato come una volta’
This week I have done my third The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity workshop! Every time with a different team I lead, and every time I get new insights. I keep proposing this workshop to my teams, as it provides a good combination of high-level (self)reflections and extremely valuable operational tools to apply in our everyday (working) life.

Frank Roders, CEO & Founder at Compagnon
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People gives us a common language and framework through which we are better able to achieve goals, work together, and keep people vital and balanced. FranklinCovey has been our key partner in this for fifteen years.

Leïla Mourali, HR Legal Manager at Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick
What I love the most in our collaboration with FranklinCovey is that they practice what they preach. Active listening, thinking out of the box, proposing tailor-made solutions instead of ‘one size fits all’... and the list goes on. When working with FranklinCovey, you get to experience a partnership approach rather than a supplier one and this is ‘highly effective’.

Sebastiaan Schepers, CTO at Greenhouse
My whole career I’ve been skeptical about management training because most of it felt like learning a trick to me; the legacy of Stephen Covey is different and changed both aspects of the work and life balance. I immediately felt this is not something you learn just to be a better professional, it’s meant to make you a happier person that’s able to manage life more effectively. FranklinCovey has exceeded my expectations as a training and consultancy partner, I’d definitely recommend them and I’m very proud to be able to offer our employees a valuable lifelong learning instrument in the form of the seven habits!