Navigating Difficult Conversations:

Turn Tension Into Progress™

What important conversations are your team members avoiding?

Side-stepping difficult conversations can trap a team in unresolved problems, strained relationships, and missed chances for growth, which blocks progress and cultivates a lack of trust.

But many people avoid difficult conversations or handle them poorly because they’re afraid to address uncomfortable issues and feel unprepared to respond to the emotional reactions that inevitably arise.

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress takes a targeted approach to helping learners manage emotional tension and conduct conversations in a way that enables all parties to stay engaged in collaborative dialogue. Learners will shift their mindset from fearing and avoiding difficult conversations to seeing them as the way to make progress on important issues. And they’ll develop the skills to build trust and respect in every relationship as they navigate sensitive topics.

Introducing Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress

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Make Progress With Courage & Consideration

Learners will discover how to balance Courage and Consideration throughout the conversation by:
  • Sharing their Purpose—the issue they need to make progress on—and Positive Intent—how they want the other person to benefit from the conversation
  • Responding to emotional reactions using the skills:
    • Pause, Don’t Panic
    • Observe, Don’t Judge
    • Ask, Don’t Assume


This module will help participants:

  • Create a strong foundation for difficult conversations by setting a clear and collaborative tone that balances their own and others’ needs.
  • Understand that emotional reactions are a natural, human response—and notice them as a signal that the conversation needs an adjustment to stay on track.
  • Practice a range of tactics to respond in the moment to help everyone stay engaged and make progress.

Delivery Options

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress consists of one session and is available Live In-Person, Live-Online, and On Demand, each with three weeks of reinforcement microlearning.

Product Components:

  • Participant Guide
  • Cards

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