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Achieve Breakthrough Results — Again and Again.

FranklinCovey Business Outcomes Solutions

How We Help

We help organizations worldwide to achieve results that require changed behavior. We see that organizations and every single person has the potential to achieve great results. With the right methods, principles, frameworks and content, we empower entire organizations to turn that potential into meaningful results. We work to increase business outcomes in four areas:

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    Strategy Execution

    From strategic initiative to successful implementation by all employees within the organization.

  2. 02
    Sales Performance

    More sales results by teaching sales professionals to truly help customers create value from trust.

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    Customer Loyalty

    Measurably increase customer satisfaction (NPS) by teams working with customers on a daily basis.

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    Predictably successful innovation by truly understanding your customers' job to be done.

Seventy percent of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership. It’s rarely for lack of smarts or vision. Ram Charan, Execution

Our Approach

As a Manager, How Can You Increase the Performance of Your Organization?

As a manager, how can you increase the performance of the organization?
We see three ways of doing this; making decisions, optimizing processes or asking people to behave differently. In our experience, it's people's behavior which is the biggest challenge for many managers and this is where initiatives often tend to fail. How do you get large groups of employees to listen better to the customer or make time for the new strategic plan on a weekly basis? How do you get employees to work with motivation and commitment on the new direction of the organization, despite the daily whirlwind

FranklinCovey is a global leader in helping organizations achieve results that require behavioral change. When you succeed in making successful changes in behavior, this will give you the most sustainable competitive advantage possible.

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The strategic collaboration with our learning partner FranklinCovey has ensured that our leaders are making an impact in their teams by creating a clear vision, strategy and feedback culture from trust. Ludo Treffers, Head of Learning & Development at Vibe Group
Frequently Asked Questions

Our highest priority is to improve sales results. What would FranklinCovey’s strategy be?

FranklinCovey enables companies to demonstrably improve their sales results with our program Helping Clients Succeed. Sales teams build their pipelines with the module Filling Your Pipeline. They grow more proficient at meeting and talking to potential clients and qualifying sales opportunities with the module Qualifying Opportunities. And sales teams become more adept at sealing deals after following the module Closing the Sale. Moreover, we have a number of additional modules on sales performance: Negotiation, Key Account Management, Strikingly Different, and Sales Leadership Base Camp.


We spent lots of energy and thought on making a change but now we’re in danger of getting stranded in the whirlwind of the day-to-day. How can FranklinCovey help us?

When a new strategy requires employees to change their behavior, we know from experience that 80% of those strategies will fail. Often, the strategy is well-thought-out, but too little attention is paid to how to manage its execution. The new strategy has to compete with the whirlwind of the day-to-day and all sorts of other initiatives. FranklinCovey teaches organizations to implement their strategies successfully, backed by the energy and commitment of the people in the organization. These lessons are based on The 4 Disciplines of Execution. This process centers on increasing the focus within the organization, improving commitment to new targets, creating transparency and a rhythm of accountability. The results of this process are impressive, not just because we achieve measurable operating results but also because it builds the faith the employees have in the organization and improves their commitment to it.


One of our major goals is to increase our NPS score. How can FranklinCovey help organizations improve customer satisfaction?

How do you improve customer satisfaction? And how do you do it in a scalable fashion? Many organizations have called in FranklinCovey to work on this theme, to demonstrably improve customer satisfaction. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a popular instrument for gauging customer satisfaction. One of the programs we use to help with this theme is Leading Customer Loyalty. It is a program that facilitates team leaders in training and coaching their customer teams to achieve better customer satisfaction. The principles of empathy, responsibility, and generosity are the key elements here. Every week, the team leader and his team set out steps to improve skills such as making a human connection, listening and communicating with empathy, finding out what the customer really wants, and assuming responsibility for the customer’s needs and issues.

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