The 4 Disciplines of Execution®

Our Approach to Achieving Your Strategic Goals. 

The Solution

Make Your Most Important Goals Visible

Achieving strategic goals requires discipline. It takes even more discipline if you want to achieve strategic goals over and over again. An organization can become more successful at this by creating a culture of execution based on four basic principles.

The objective of this approach is to enable managers to achieve challenging goals with the involvement of their team, despite daily distractions and busyness. In addition, the team develops the confidence and competence to apply this same approach to goals that arise in the future.

FranklinCovey The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  1. 01
    Focus On the Wildly Important​

    Focus, Focus, Focus. Managers often tend to set many different goals, fragmenting attention. Discipline 1 is all about having the courage to choose one wildly important goal.

  2. 02
    Act on the Lead Measures​

    Increase 20% of the activities that provide 80% of the results. Discipline 2 is all about choosing predictive activities and making them measurable. Activities that team members can perform and monitor on a weekly basis to ensure they are on track to meet their goal.

  3. 03
    Keep a Compelling Scoreboard​

    People and teams play differently when they keep score and determine whether they are on track or not.

  4. 04
    Create a Cadence of Accountability​

    Successful teams have a team culture in which people hold themselves and each other sharp and accountable. It is crucial that this process has a clear rhythm, for example weekly, that team members do this together, and that the team learns from successes and failures.

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FranklinCovey The 4 Disciplines of Execution | The Outcome
The outcome

Build a Culture That Is All About Executing the Most Important Issues

The process of The 4 Disciplines of Execution provides an organization with an approach to:

  • execute a strategy with quality in the shortest time possible;
  • increase the commitment of managers and teams;
  • successfully achieve not only the current goal but also future goals.

The goal of this approach is for managers to learn how to execute key goals in the midst of the day-to-day whirlwind. We don't just train them on how to do that; we also teach these managers how to transfer the insights and implement them in their teams. As a result, they take ownership of this approach at a deeper level and achieve breakthrough results. We say this with great confidence and conviction, as we have done thousands of implementations in which, on average, 85% of the desired goals were successfully achieved.

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