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Our Leadership Practice helps develop leaders who achieve

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    Achieve sustained superior performance

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    Objective Alignment

    Engage employees to achieve the most critical objectives

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    Strategic Thinking

    Build a strategic advantage by identifying and making distinct contributions

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    Win the loyalty of customers, constituents, and other stakeholders

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FranklinCovey is Global Leader in personal growth, team transformation, and organizational change.

Our Approach

Culture Is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage for Any Organization

An organization's culture is shaped by the behavior of its leaders at all levels. At FranklinCovey, we have learned that both character and competency development are important in leadership development. It's not just about what a leader achieves or does, but also about how that leader thinks and who he or she is.

At every level within the organization, we empower leaders to increase their effectiveness as leaders. For example, the challenge for first-level leaders is to make the shift from achieving results to achieving results with and through others. It requires medior and senior leaders to move from tactical/operational to more strategic leadership. Our leadership programs are a perfect fit for the challenges that leaders face today.

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FranklinCovey has been a partner of choice for many years. It’s due to their smart and wise business strategy evolution leading to forefront products and services on leadership. You get out of it inspiration, pragmatical methodology and tools for sustainable change. Furthermore, FranklinCovey selects talented people to build a strong partnership with their clients. I definitively recommend FranklinCovey as a key partner on leadership matters! Isabelle Dantoing, Learning Experience Lead at UCB BioPharma SPRL
Frequently Asked Questions

‘Virtual leadership’ or ‘remote management’ poses a major challenge for us. How can FranklinCovey help?

FranklinCovey supports many clients with themes like virtual leadership and remote management and can offer various solutions. First of all, we have the Current Issues module Leading Virtual Teams. Many organizations opt for this module because it is a concise but effective two-hour online workshop that furnishes managers with tools they can immediately put into practice. However, we use other leadership programs too, such as The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, Leading at the Speed of Trust, and The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team, in which we pay extra attention to the challenges and opportunities posed by hybrid team management. After all, it is obvious that themes like building trust, giving direction, listening, coaching, and feedback are more important than ever for managers who work with hybrid teams.


We want to set up an academy with various leadership programs for different levels of leaders. how can FranklinCovey help?

Many organizations work with FranklinCovey when they are looking for content for their Leadership Academies. With our support, distinctions are made between the levels of leadership and we can offer a powerful program for every level:

Many organizations give these programs their own names, using terms like Leadership Foundations or Leadership Essentials. In cooperation with the organization, we adapt the workshop and the development paths to suit the wishes, values, and expectations of the organization and of the participants.


We have a clear vision of leadership and want to give that vision more meaning; we want to translate it to leadership courses. How can FranklinCovey help?

At FranklinCovey, the client’s needs and vision are always the starting point. Together, we translate those needs and that vision into specific programs that, on the one hand, help the managers to be better managers and, on the other, anchor the desired vision, culture, and values in the organization. Vibe Group is a prime example of this. Vibe Group has a clear vision of leadership and together we translated that vision to specific programs given by both FranklinCovey trainers and the company’s own certified trainers. Watch the Vibe Group case study to see the exceptional results achieved by this partnership.


We believe that inclusive leadership and management based on diversity and inclusivity are important themes. How can FranklinCovey help?

FranklinCovey works with many organizations, helping them improve diversity and inclusivity as featured in our program Unconscious Bias. We offer this learning for individual employees, teams, managers, or the entire organization. In this program, we teach managers to recognize their own bias, cultivate connection, and choose courage to address bias with their teams. We also help them raise the issue with the team and mark out steps to improve with their teams.

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