How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone’s Intelligence® by Liz Wiseman.

There’s far more intelligence and energy inside organizations than we realize. Liz Wiseman
The Solution

Ignite Untapped Intelligence to Deliver Better Results

Leaders who participate in this course, get right down to business and leave with immediate actions to increase their team's intelligence and engage people in addressing the organization's most important issues.


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  1. 01
    The Multiplier Effect

    Despite their best intentions, leaders understand how they unwittingly shut down intelligence and capability. They devise strategies to mitigate the negative effects of their Accidental Diminisher tendencies on others.

  2. 02
    Ask Better Questions

    Leaders pose questions that direct everyone's attention to the most important issues and opportunities. The pace of progress quickens, and teams are more quickly able to find the best solutions.

  3. 03
    Look for Genius

    Leaders help people discover their natural abilities at work, resulting in renewed passion and excitement as teams produce better results.

  4. 04
    Create Space for Others

    Leaders keep their own interventions to a minimum so that others can speak up, discuss, learn from their mistakes, and come up with more daring innovative ideas.

  5. 05
    Offer Bigger Challenges

    Leaders provide team members with the appropriate amount of stretching to help them develop and achieve new levels of success.

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FranklinCovey Multipliers | The Outcome
The outcome

Ignite Untapped Intelligence to Deliver Results

In her research, leadership expert Liz Wiseman made a crucial discovery: Organizations contain far more intelligence and energy than we realize. Great leaders are capable of unlocking these capabilities. FranklinCovey has partnered with Liz Wiseman to develop a new solution that will enable leaders to become Multipliers who:

  • access and use their teams' untapped capabilities;
  • rekindle energy and enthusiasm as teams improve their results;
  • innovate by encouraging new and bold thinking;
  • breakthrough to new levels of performance by amplifying people’s intelligence. Multipliers yield stronger results as individuals grow and teams excel.

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