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Achieve extraordinary productivity, work on inclusiveness, and teach employees to take charge of themselves, important goals, and projects. FranklinCovey's practical approach helps build greater personal development in six clear steps.

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    Personal leadership

    Find fulfillment and balance, and work together more effectively.

  2. 02

    Recognize unconscious bias, tap into all talent, and achieve better results together.

  3. 03

    Spend valuable time, attention and energy on what's important.

  4. 04

    Plan projects and involve stakeholders to be more successful together.

  5. 05

    Inform and persuade with clarity and power: both face-to-face and virtually.

  6. 06

    Complete projects, priorities and plans on time and on budget.

Our approach

Extraordinary Results at Every Level

Participants learn to act and collaborate more effectively, make choices, plan better, and communicate more clearly. These are significant challenges in times of an abundance of information, distractions, and an endless number of projects to complete. Personal effectiveness is the foundation for productive collaboration in teams that want to achieve extraordinary results together.

Grow as an organization through improved productivity and more happy employees who experience satisfaction because of a healthy work-life balance. Each day, deliver a better contribution by using our personal effectiveness programs.

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My whole career I’ve been skeptical about management training because most of it felt like learning a trick to me; the legacy of Stephen Covey is different and changed both aspects of the work and life balance. I immediately felt this is not something you learn just to be a better professional, it’s meant to make you a happier person that’s able to manage life more effectively. Sebastiaan Schepers, CTO at Greenhouse
Frequently Asked Questions

21st-century skills: what does FranklinCovey have to offer in the way of skills for the future?

Although ICT proficiency is a much-needed skill in the 21st century, the most important skills for this age are 'cooperation', 'social-emotional intelligence', 'critical thinking', and 'social and cultural talents'. Precisely those skills are the focus of various FranklinCovey solutions, such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. That program is based on the fundamental principles of effectiveness, making it extremely suitable for honing skills for the future. In an ever-changing world beset with ongoing innovation, The 7 Habits program offers a starting point and a framework for working on principles like empathy, integrity, responsibility, focus, vision, and balance. These principles are more important now than ever. Dr. Stephen R. Covey wrote: 'The greater the change, the more difficult the challenges, the more relevant the habits become. Why? Because they are based on principles that endure.' Other programs such as Unconscious Bias, Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager, and Presentation Advantage also reinforce the skills required for the 21st century.


Our top priorities are vitality and reducing stress levels. How can FranklinCovey help? 

FranklinCovey is heavily engaged with this theme; in fact, it is the subject of our program The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, for example. In this program, the participants learn how to make better choices, leading to more energy at work and more job satisfaction. Time and again, it is impressive to see how, within five weeks, participants have made measurables advances and found a way of working that improves their vitality, reduces their stress levels, and increases their long-term results. We also offer the module Building Your Remote Work Muscle, which focuses on effective and healthy remote working.


Virtual presentation, communication, and cooperation pose a huge challenge for us. How can FranklinCovey help?

At FranklinCovey, we have a number of solutions for these issues. Firstly, there is our workshop Virtual Presentation, a training based on the program Presentation Advantage and centered on the connection with your audience, your message, and yourself. We specifically discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtual presentation on platforms like MS Teams, Zoom, and Webex. Three steps, Develop – Design – Deliver, show the participants how to increase their impact. Other solutions for virtual communication and cooperation are The Speed of Trust and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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