How to Lead Remote Workers

How To Lead Remote Workers?

It’s not uncommon for new leaders to worry about managing remote workers. Without seeing them in the office every day, it’s easy to make assumptions, but did you know that remote workers keep longer hours and are more productive than in-office workers? But too often managers equate low face time with low work ethic or output.

To avoid this unconscious bias and the damage it can do to your leadership legacy, try the following tips:

  1. Focus on what your remote has accomplished, not on whether you can see them accomplishing it.
  2. Build trust with your remotes during your one-on-ones. Take the first five minutes to get to know them personally, inquire about non-work issues, and ask them for feedback on how you can communicate better.
  3. Remotes can’t just drop in for helpful feedback, so clarify your performance expectations frequently.
  4. Make your check-ins more interactive. Screen-share slide decks and spreadsheets so that you both see what’s going on.

Give remote workers the trust and attention they deserve. Doing so can make them your highest performers.

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