Helping Clients Succeed® Filling Your Pipeline

The knowing-doing gap.

After more than a decade of working with literally thousands of sales executives all over the world, we’ve learned:

  • The prospecting techniques that worked so well in the past simply won’t work today.
  • Sales pipelines are too small and full of opportunities that go nowhere.
  • While sales teams are working harder and faster than ever, they are focused on the wrong activities.
  • Most companies won’t realize they’ve missed their goals until it’s too late.

It’s not for a lack of training. There’s a lot of “good stuff” available to sales professionals with regards to sales training. The secret is finding a way to get good at doing the good stuff!

Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline employs an expert designed playbook process to help sales professionals apply what they learned over the course of 12-weeks to ensure sustained behavior change.

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8 Techniques to Get Beyond the Gatekeeper

Gatekeepers are typically in their role because they are good at it. After all, their job is to protect their leader’s time and attention. But this doesn’t need to be an adversarial relationship.

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How Effective Leaders Get Results: 7 Ways to Be More Proactive

No matter how competent your people are, they won’t generate sustained and lasting results unless they’re able to effectively lead themselves; influence, engage and collaborate with others; and continually improve and renew their capabilities.

Filling Your Pipeline overview with Craig Christensen.

Course Details

Return on Investment

Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline was designed to guarantee a clear and significant return on investment. From start to finish, participants work on current deals while tracking and reporting their progress.

Our Promise: You and your sales team can get significantly better at filling your pipeline as you apply the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of top performers over the course of 12 weeks.

The 12-Week Implementation Playbook

  • Each week, for 12 weeks, participants implement the principles they learned in the work session.
  • Participants are held accountable through regularly scheduled report backs to their sales leaders or coach.

Participant Kit

  • Participant Guidebook
  • 12-Week Implementation Playbook
  • USB Flash Drive With implementation videos and tools.
  • Call Plan Pad
  • Quick Reference and Yellow Lights Cards

Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline scores on average 4.6
This is the average score from 18 reviews


January 26, 2022

I really liked tje style and the way things are teached. Easy to follow and very important matters. Super!

Matti Aalto-Setälä


February 2, 2021

Really useful.

A lot of interaction with the trainer and the other students to share experiencies.

Cesar Vigo

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