On-Demand Training

On-Demand Modules That Allow Employees to Learn at Their Own Convenience.

Scalable at Every Level

It is more important than ever that development programs are scalable at every level of the organization. Many organizations are not able to offer live training to every employee, and sometimes merely a self-study module is not enough to change behavior and create the impact needed.

As a result, we are seeing a huge increase in demand for blended training. We are used to having all the information at our fingertips and finding the answers we need within minutes. This has dramatically changed people's expectations of learning in the workplace. In addition, working from home has also led us to become familiar with working and learning online. More and more employees are taking control of their own learning and have contemporary expectations of L&D.

FranklinCovey's on-demand training supports this need by providing distinctive and up-to-date, relevant content of high quality. This content is available at that moment and in that way that suits the employee best.

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FranklinCovey On Demand Solutions

Micro Learning

FranklinCovey offers various training programs that employees can access on demand. These short learning journeys may be used as refresher courses, manager-led training, or as a stand-alone learning option.

The FranklinCovey On-Demand catalog consists of 173 training courses based on 15 core competencies. All modules are self-paced, SCORM 1.2 compatible, and available for LMS integration. Two types of on-demand workshops are available: Excelerators and InSights.

FranklinCovey Excelerators

Complete e-learning modules focused on developing a mindset or skill. They include videos, assessments, animations, stories, exercises, toolkits, and other resources that you can download. Each on-demand training course takes about an hour to complete and can be used as part of a blended training process or as a stand-alone course.

FranklinCovey Insights

Short, quick modules of 5 to 15 minutes. Each Insights module includes an engaging video followed by a powerful and impactful application. Employees can choose from over 130 Insights based on 16 competencies.

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